Wrexham Antique Bottles

Welcome to Wrexham Antique Bottles! The aim of this site is to serve as a historical archive of Wrexham's antique bottles from an time when local businesses and trades were at the very heart of the town, a time when Wrexham was known for it's far-famed ales and had seen international success with its aerated mineral water beverages. The period covered by this archive generally spans from the mid-19th century, into the first quarter of the 20th century, predominantly the Victorian/Edwardian era, with a focus on mouth-blown bottles. The 1920's gave rise to more modern production methods in the manufacture of glass bottles, with manual work being replaced by automated machine processes. In general, machine-made glass is not represented on the site.

The site is mostly comprised of bottles I've photographed myself, which spans across several collections, as well as my own. I welcome anyone to get in touch with me if you have any old bottles that I could take a look at, with hope to add something new to the photo archive, and perhaps my personal collection.

Be sure to check out my personal Want List if you are interested in selling or trading bottles. If you have any bottles to contribute or for sale/trade, please don't hesitate to get in Contact.

Bottles can either be browsed by Bottle Type or by the Business of which they were associated.


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